Friday, December 7, 2012

Never Mock God - Saturday Dec 8 - 7 pm EST

Tomorrow, December 8th, I will have Kirby Robinson on The Paranormal Christian and we'll be talking about his newest book, "Never Mock God".  This book covers Kirby's investigation and expose on the episode "I Am Six" and its sequel, produced by Paranormal State on AETV.  Kirby's earlier work meticulously exposed the deceptions behind this television show, and this latest book significantly gets into the mess that "I Am Six" was. 

If you ever watched Paranormal State, the episode titled, "I Am Six", chronicled their investigation into a young lady named Lara who was allegedly demon possessed.

As a deliverance minister and Christian demonologist, I found a lot in error with the whole series, but this episode particularly bothered me. So upon learning that Kirby Robinson has conducted an in-depth investigation and written a book about this episode and the people involved, I had to have him come on the show and discuss this episode and this topic of demon possession, exorcism, and more.

And it couldn't wait till after the first of the year...

I hope you will join me tomorrow night - go to my main show site for time and link details -

If you are a Christian author that has written a book (fictional or non-fiction) addressing the topic of the paranormal from the standpoint of a Christian/Biblical worldview, or you are an expert/authority that is a Christian and have dealt with an area of the paranormal from the standpoint of your faith and God's Word, I would like to hear from you.

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