Saturday, August 4, 2012

Behind Enemy Lines with Dr. Fred DeRuvo

Dr. Fred DeRuvo is the author of numerous articles and a growing number of books related to religious studies. Fred received his Bachelor's degree from Philadelphia College of Bible (now Philadelphia Biblical University), and his Masters from Tyndale Theological Seminary. Fred is also ordained and has his Th.D. from Northwestern Theological Seminary in Florida.

Behind Enemy Lines is a book Dr. DeRuvo has in the works that highlights the fact that Christians are living behind enemy lines and the changing culture and societal norms are a direct reflection of that. Issues discussed include religious, political, and societal. Soon Dr. DeRuvo will be launching a weekly show reflecting these same issues.

Join me tonight at 7 pm EST as we talk with Dr DeRuvo to learn more about his book, his upcoming show, and other things he has in the works. If you have a question, email the show at

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Paranormal Television Shows

There is no doubt that the paranormal have exploded across cable television in the last twenty plus years. I feel that Satan has effectively used this media to disperse lies and deceptions, to lead astray even good Christians regarding the idea of what the afterlife holds for us, as well as titillate a couple generations into a very spiritually dangerous activity of ghost hunting or paranormal "research".

I have actually stopped watching these shows for two reasons. One, I no longer wish to give Satan any opportunity to get a toe hold in my life and work serving God. Two, I see the deceptions so clearly that I annoy my wife with my under-breath mumblings as to where they are wrong, why aren't you doing this or that, etc.

So it REALLY annoys me when I get emails from production companies that work on these shows, seeking to have me present my cases for them to review and to contact my clients, seeking stories for their demonic drama mill. I don't think they even bother to actually READ what my stances are in all of this.