Friday, April 27, 2012

2012 Spring Time Reflection and Resolutions

By Stephen Piersall

Here we are on the door step of the month of May, four months have gone by and I was talking with some other vet's at the VA today about 2012 New Year's resolutions and where we are on our individual lists. For me I'm still in stride with getting healthier with food, fitness, life styles and my marriage with Karen. Some wanted to quit smoking, drinking, losing weight, etc and I'm sure many us have come to this month in our year wondering what happened to our goals we set for ourselves. Perhaps people have gained weight, drink the same, drive by the gym, etc. But it's not too late to get after it again.

One of my major goals for 2012 was and still is; to get closer in my walk with God. I had gotten a Kindle Fire for Christmas and love it to play games I enjoy, read books, check my internet social circles, etc all while sitting in front of the TV in living room with Karen. Otherwise I'd get up several times a day going into my den and spending time there instead of having quality time with my wife. One of the best apps I like is the You Version Bible app. I made a commitment to read the Bible this year in chronological order, and thus far I'm still right on target. Since I'm a disabled Vet from 21 years in the USAF, I don't work, so I have a complete day 24/7 to be able to read the Bible at any given time I choose. I found that by me getting closer to God through the Bible I have had MANY temptations by evil spirits to convince me I don't have to read today's reading. I'm proud to say I recognize these attempts for what they are and make sure right then and there I open the Bible app and do my reading as I should. Immaturely, I look at it as Ha! Ha! to Satan, I read the Bible despite your attempts to stop me.

Many times in our daily life we are tempted by Satan to do things that we shouldn't. We somehow rationalize things that our sins are not as bad as robbing a bank or murder, but to God all sins are equal in his eyes. I try my best to live a good Christian life but I fail, because I'm human, a big sarcastic Thank You to Adam & Eve LOL I know that I sin in life and most times without me even realizing it. There are two things I try to do to keep me on track.

1. I try to visualize that Jesus is at my right side. Right there standing next to me step by step. As a small child I would never steal cookies from the cookie jar if I knew my parents were watching me. So I try this visual approach and it works for me, in fact I have been approached at the gym while going around the indoor track of whom I'm talking too? LOL Oops, got caught talking out loud again LOL

2. I pray often. Now I'm not going to say that I get on my knees each and every time, but I think that throughout the day I can talk to God (out loud LOL), or just in my mind. I don't carry a piece of paper with a prayer list on it but as I see a post on Face Book, or other ways that come to mind that I need to pray about something. I just do it then and now, but, first and foremost! I pray first for forgiveness of my sins. I figure why should my parents reward me with a toy after being caught stealing cookies? So for me to pray for anybody or a circumstance I like to "cleanse my sheets" so to speak of my sins. I would fear the day I die and stand before God to be judged and I never prayed and asked for forgiveness of something I knew about.

I think with all the New Age movement and occults, TV shows, movies, books, music etc we get tons of exposure by evil trying to influence our lives to do bad things. I read just the other day about a Wicca rock band that the lyrics to their songs were actually spells! This way the youth are out there singing these songs and actually casting spells without really knowing it. That is some twisted stuff! But my friends, the war with evil has been going on ever since Adam and Eve, and it's just as strong today.

We need to dedicate ourselves to God, not by what we say, but by our walk of the talk. Four months have gone by and we have eight months left, it's not too late to get back to your resolution of losing weight, quit smoking, etc. In fact, what would make me the proudest is after reading this that you start or get back in touch with God, and pray, read your Bible, live a life that Jesus would be proud to walk next to you. In fact starting today I make a public promise and I do this every day anyways, but I'm making a promise to pray daily with Karen. I know this will help continue our successful marriage and bring us closer together as a couple as well as with God. God Bless you and protect you. Always Wear the Armor of God!

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