Monday, April 23, 2012

Communicating with the Dead

By Kristine McGuire

Here at The Paranormal Christian, Rev Mark and I have been diligently trying to inform and educate the paranormal investigative community about the dangers and realities of active EVP collection and what it is that they are really connecting with.  One of our former guests on the show, Kristine McGuire (author, Escaping the Cauldron), wrote this excellent article that supports the very premises we have been trying to pass to you.  Many thanks to Kristine for allowing us to re-print her article for our readers. - Pastor Frisbee

There have always been people who have pursued occult practices. Individuals or groups seeking deeper connection with something greater than themselves.

In ancient days, individuals would seek communication with spirits or deities through rituals, divination, and necromancy for knowledge of the future or guidance. This is why civilizations such as the Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians had magicians, seers, and priests who used magick and ritual to inquire of their gods. There were mediums in the land who communicated with the dead (Israel had many neighboring civilizations who used these practices) for similar reasons.

The Bible tells us God condemns such practices. He denounces those who contact/conjure or communicate with the dead (necromancers and mediums), forbidding His people to have any part in it.

Ironically, in the last ten years many Christians have become intrigued with the idea of ghost hunting. Many are now actively seeking ways to communicate with the dead through the use of EVP.

Now, I know a lot of people do not think of EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) as technically being "spirit communication" (as through a medium) but I disagree. The majority of EVP work is not a passive collection of potential spirit voices on a recorder (as some would allege).

Typically, a person seeking to record an EVP will attempt to contact the spirit by calling out to it, asking if there is "anyone here who wants to communicate with us". They will ask a series of simple questions, often leaving space for a spirit being to potentially leave their voice on the recording device.

In fact, there are devices called "ghost boxes" which have been created in an attempt to have a "two way conversation" between the living and the dead (not unlike a "walkie-talkie" according to one source).

In other posts, I have given reasons from the Bible why ghosts are not human spirits. Instead, what people are experiencing are demonic spirits impersonating the dead (most often friends and loved ones) to mislead and deceive the living. The very fact there are Christians now participating in such activities as ghost communication, ghost hunting, helping so called "earth bound spirits" cross over, etc.only goes to show how strong the deception has become in recent years.

Believe me. I know how intriguing the idea of being able to capture ghostly activity can be. When I was a ghost hunter the most exciting thing was having a "Class A" EVP or convincing video/photographic evidence to bolster the claim of a haunting. I understand many people are comforted by the idea their friends or loved ones can hear them, talk to them. I also know how exciting (even addicting) seeking "proof" of paranormal activity can be. This is why people get involved in paranormal pursuits or seek out mediums.

The problem is this belief that human spirits can remain "earth bound" or appear to us as ghosts is not supported by scripture. The Bible condemns any form of contact or communication with the dead (or those who attempt to do so). As a Christian, the Bible must be the final authority.

In the end, it came down to a choice for me. Believe God's written word or ignore it. Keep being a medium and ghost hunter, keep listening to messages from "beyond the grave" or trust there is a reason God condemns those practices?

I think you know my answer.

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