Monday, May 28, 2012

Does Religion Play a Part in Ghost Research?

By Stephen Piersall

The answer is a resounding Yes! We want to point out some things that may not be obvious without pushing a certain faith at you.

Religion plays a roll in the actions and reactions of the witness, the investigator and the spirits themselves. We all have our own belief system that we subscribe to and that is the same for the residents of a haunted home too. Each case is different and combinations are endless.

We always take history of the property and occupants, as well as a means to debunk the circumstances first. There are no cookie cutter solutions to helping people in haunted homes. There is no standard profile that ghosts fit into. Each is unique in behavior and energy.

Residents will see the spirit of a deceased relative and assume that this person has some unfinished business and is earthbound in need of rescue. In reality, referencing the Bible, there are NO Earthbound Ghosts. We all die and go before God and from there are allowed in to Heaven or sent to Hell. There is no in between.

Ghosts (demons) will appear as family, friends, children to gain your acceptance. The old adage of you can get more with honey then vinegar applies. Ghosts will bait you and feed off that energy. Never allow them to develop a wedge between each other. Believe me, they will send waves of hostility in your direction, so never use that against one another. If you are aware that this can occur, you can recognize it and combat against it. Always wear the full Armor of God!

In looking at a property, there are many subtle signs of ghostly behavior. Changes in temperature, unexplained breezes, ringing in the ears, goose bumps, feeling like you’re being watched, brushed up against, etc, but the worst is a wave of agitation or a “hot” flash of emotion. Aside from a visual or physical display, this is a clear declaration of a violation of their space and pending conflict. Watch the residents reactions as you read the Bible out loud as you walk through the home. If the person is possessed they will become very angry and even become violent.

For the occupants and investigators that must live with or investigate a home, that is occupied by a malevolent spirit, fight against allowing it to turn you against one another. It is their game, and believe me they are very good at it. There are a number of these “ghost hunting” TV programs where clearly they begin arguing on site over missing cables, or things not being set up correctly and "on camera" bickering begins. They never realize that before they entered the ‘site’ they were getting along perfectly. Avoid being played.

Always be vigilant. Pray before, during, and after any investigation. it's important on that first visit to gather all the info you can, and decide what to do from there. If the occupants are not Christian, this must be your first goal to accomplish. If they refuse to change their beliefs there is nothing you can do for them. No binding, cleansing, or anything will help until they accept Jesus and start to live a Christian life, praying, reading the Bible, attending a local church, etc.

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God Bless and protect you always.

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