Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Weekend Open Topic Show

Join me on The Paranormal Christian at 7 PM EST Tonight, May 26.

Since my guests that I have tried scheduling have ended up cancelling on me this past week, I have decided to simply do an open topic show, discussing various issues throughout the paranormal field in regards to New Age and Occult, taking questions from the chat, and so on.

Next week June 2nd, we begin our author series for the month, beginning with Lisa Grace, author of the Angels Trilogy (Angel in the Shadows, Angel in the Storm, and Angel in the Ice).

We will have John Zelenski (Walker's Vale) on June 9th, Bill Scott (The Day Satan Called) June 16, and Bill Bean (Dark Force, Delivered) on June 30. We are trying to solidify June 23, and will announce that author once we have the date booked.

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