Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Paranormal Television Shows

There is no doubt that the paranormal have exploded across cable television in the last twenty plus years. I feel that Satan has effectively used this media to disperse lies and deceptions, to lead astray even good Christians regarding the idea of what the afterlife holds for us, as well as titillate a couple generations into a very spiritually dangerous activity of ghost hunting or paranormal "research".

I have actually stopped watching these shows for two reasons. One, I no longer wish to give Satan any opportunity to get a toe hold in my life and work serving God. Two, I see the deceptions so clearly that I annoy my wife with my under-breath mumblings as to where they are wrong, why aren't you doing this or that, etc.

So it REALLY annoys me when I get emails from production companies that work on these shows, seeking to have me present my cases for them to review and to contact my clients, seeking stories for their demonic drama mill. I don't think they even bother to actually READ what my stances are in all of this.

Here is one such letter I received today:

Hi there,

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I am a Story Producer at Raw Television working on the new season of the SyFy show ‘Paranormal Witness’. Raw TV are actually a British company based in London, and we have been commissioned by the SyFy channel to produce Paranormal Witness. Our show prides itself on having an integrity of purpose, and in one sense practices the ‘purest form of journalism’ because the stories are entirely testimony driven. It is only the testimony of the primary witnesses involved in the story – straight from the horse’s mouth. There is no outside commentary or judgement imposed on the story. It is purely the first-hand accounts of those involved, and this is what is given precedence over all else – a real opportunity for the protagonists to tell their story in the purest form as they recall it. We then also have an element of drama reconstruction in the show.

We are currently researching stories from all across America for the new season, and I came across your website. I was wondering if you had any paranormal cases / stories that you feel might be worth looking into for our show. If you do have any interesting and or unusual haunting stories in Georgia (and indeed anywhere else in the States) that you may have come across, it would be fantastic if you could let me know a brief outline of the story, and whether or not you are still in touch with the main people involved, then I can give you a call for a chat to discuss it further.

In the meantime, please do also feel free to have a look at the Raw TV company website to get a flavour of some of the other shows we make (website address as below). I’m not sure if you have actually seen our show ‘Paranormal Witness’ but if you go on the website there are clips of the show available to watch online.

Many thanks in advance for all your kind help and time, and I look forward to hopefully hearing from you soon.

Warm wishes,

Ali Naushahi
Senior Story Producer

Well - those of you that know me - can imagine the peal of laughter that came from me and then a bit of anger.

Here is the response I gave:

Dear Mr. Naushahi,

I will not be able to help you. You see, I am not in this to research the existence of ghosts, or to prove an afterlife exists. I am a born again Christian, a Christian Demonologst, and a Deliverance Minister. The Bible is my proof of the afterlife, and that Bible specifically states that when we die, we die once (no reincarnation) and immediately receive our judgment, thus entering Heaven or Hell. Our end location is determined by whether we chose to accept Jesus as our personal Savior or not while we lived on this earth. There is no staying behind, no seeking the light or need of help to crossover.

When you have a presence determined at a location, you are dealing with the demonic, and the Catholic Church has woefully failed people in dealing with these creatures by falling into a false dogma and doctrine. That’s a discussion for a whole different time. There is only one authority that Christian’s can turn to – Jesus Christ – that can empower them to command the demonic from their lives.

Much of the problem is the incredible explosion of the paranormal, infused with the demonic doctrines of the New Age and Occult, in the media. Shows like yours do not present the scriptural truth of what is being dealt with, it sensationalizes Satan’s work, entices people to get more involved, and leads people down wrong paths.

I cannot help you in good conscience, cannot expose my clients to the media circus, especially now that they have eliminated the demonic from their lives. To participate in such a venture could open the doors up to the demonic once again.

I have a ministry outreach called “The Paranormal Christian”, a weekly show where I expose the demonic doctrines of the New Age and Occult, shine the Light of God’s Truth upon them through then scriptures, and help those being misguided and negatively affected by the demonic through the paranormal with my group, the Spiritual Warriors Network.

If you ever want to do a show about the TRUTH regarding the paranormal, I’d be more than happy to advise you further in that.

God bless,

Pastor Michael Frisbee

I hope my fellow warriors out there will follow my lead and not get involved with these production companies. To do so cheapens what we do, for our calling is from God, and not meant to be a stepping stone to becoming a celebrity and gaining fame.

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