Friday, March 30, 2012

A Memoriam - Andrew Wordes

By Pastor Michael Frisbee

This week has been an incredibly difficult one for me.

This past Monday, a dear friend of mine, whom had been in a four year battle with his local city council, ended his life. The city council had maneuvered and backed him into a corner, with nowhere to turn or escape, and he perceived he only had two choices; allow them to take everything he loved and owned and see it become just another park for their 2036 plan, or end his life and take out as much as he could when he did. He went with the latter.

His lawyer was at the District courthouse in Atlanta, trying desperately to see a judge to secure an injunction against the city and the man that bought my friend’s mortgage in order to force him out of his 12 year home thus buying some time to prove the city and associates maliciously used various loop holes and purposely refused to assist in getting my friend FEMA help when he distinctly qualified after his home had been flooded 4 times in 3 years, because the city refused to fix the water drainage issues from over building. The city and Marshall’s service moved fast Monday morning to physically remove my friend before his lawyer could get the injunction.

He refused to leave his barricaded home, argued with them for two hours to buy time for his lawyer, but they were preparing to come in with force. So he told them to get off his property or he was going to start firing on them (it was known he had a large cache of legally owned and registered firearms and pistols). They backed off, and at 12:44 pm, as soon as the last man cleared the property at a safe distance, the house exploded. He had poured gasoline throughout the house, and at that moment – lit it. His body was later found in the home, and identified.

I met Andrew in 2009, when I started my campaign for Congress on a Constitutionist platform. Though he was not in my Congressional District, he supported what I stood for as a patriot, and helped me with man power, finances, and the occasional loan of his antique Mercedes Benz for Congressional events. We would talk long and often by phone and online about where this country is heading, what needs to be done to turn it around, etc.

He had a great love for animals as well, and simple living. It was his animals that led to his legal fight with the city council. When the city annexed his neighborhood from the county, he and his animals were grandfathered in. However, someone related to a member of the city council moved in next door, and thus began the constant complaints over his chickens. They tried to fine him, he fought it, and won. Then they tried to use all kinds of regulations and such that were rather obscure, and each time, he defeated them in court. His last battle on that issue came when they passed a new law restricting barn yard animals. They tried using it against him – and the judge laughed them out of the court.

Where they got him, was after 3 years of begging them to fix the drainage issues in that area, and having his home flooded a few times, he finally graded his land one storm fall, to keep the flood waters out, and they charged him with illegal grading of his own property. He was older and of ill health, unable to meet the requirements of community service, and thus – the city moved to have his probation revoked, and he did 99 days in jail. While in jail, they put a lot of pressure and threats to the elderly woman that held the mortgage he was paying on, and she sold it to a third party associated with members of the city council. The new mortgage owner, when Andrew was unable to pay his mortgage because he was in jail, immediately began foreclosure proceedings.

He was fighting that foreclosure, and in the fourth month of that battle when tragedy struck this past Monday. I hold the city and all of the associates that were a part of persecuting this man, my friend accountable for his death. They drove him to such a desperate act. Today, at 10:30 am EST, I and well over 200 expected friends, family and associates will lay him to rest. You would not think such a persecution was possible in America. Wake up people – the tyranny is here.

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