Friday, March 30, 2012

Update on The Paranormal Christian Show

By Pastor Michael Frisbee

On a more positive note, some news regarding The Paranormal Christian Show. There has only been two shows so far at the new home, BTVN TV, and already, had over 268,000 hits on the show page, of the over 2 million total the network received through the whole month, and our hits only account for 17 days. With the first show, March 17th, had 1546 hits with 87% retention rate, coming to 1345 total viewers. On last week’s show, even with server and network issues, had 8009 hits with an average 76% retention, coming to 6086 total viewers. The switch to the new video format has definitely made a huge difference in the outreach of our ministry.

Discussion has begun regarding the creation of a subsidiary network dedicated to Christian programming, of which I will help in developing and recruiting for. It will allow me to further impact people and bring the Truth of God’s Word in a format and media that is exploding.

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