Friday, April 20, 2012

Just a Quick Update

By Pastor Michael Frisbee

Things have been crazy around the office and busy with the ministry so I did not have the time to write a full out article today, but I have had something laying on my heart and spirit that I feel I must address, but it will take some thought and mulling over as to how to approach it, and present it, to you the reader. I hope to present that article next week.

I do want to say this to those that have been criticizing me around the social sphere in regards to my “narrowness” of faith and belief. My faith and belief does not come from any denomination, church, or other type of “religion”. It comes directly from the Word of God, the Bible.

For those who would toss out, “Yeah, but which version/translation?” or “But MEN wrote the Bible”, I have this comment; if you believe in God, and that He is Perfect, and the One and True Heavenly Father, you should know that His Words were authored by the Holy Spirit indwelt in the men that wrote the God-inspired Books of the Bible. As for all the “missing books” and such, there is a reason, had nothing to do with politics and such. They were determined to NOT be the God inspired, Holy Spirit authored Word of God. Books like Enoch and some of these others are forgeries, not written by the people named by the Book, and were written by multiple authors over a period of centuries in some cases like Enoch. Some the books were written by Gnostics, who were the New Agers during the time of the early church and was seeking to confuse and dilute Christ’s ministry and message.

Back to my alleged narrowness and focus. My faith and belief again, comes straight from the Bible, that chronicle the teachings and gospels of Jesus Christ. Plain and simple. I do not allow for many paths to God, because Jesus Himself said that only through Him can one come to His Father, Our Heavenly Father – God. The path to the True God, the ONLY God, is a narrow and difficult one – He said that as well, and that those that take the wide and easy path are destined to failure and eternal death.

There is only ONE true Authority as well when it comes to the demonic, and that is Jesus Christ. God placed in Him the authority over all things in Heaven and Earth, and that includes the demonic. I’ll be touching more deeply on this next week.

I have a narrow focus of my faith and belief in Christ and on Christ, not of my own volition or by some denomination or church, but because Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father MADE it a narrow focus and path. There is only one way there folks, like it or not. Don’t take it up with me – get on your knees, start praying for the Holy Spirit to grant you the wisdom and knowledge to discern these facts for yourself, and take it up with Christ Himself.

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