Sunday, April 22, 2012

Now Launching - The Paranormal Christian Blog

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I have decided to launch this blog in order to better refine and focus the message this ministry seeks to convey. The past articles that Reverend Mark and I have written and post at the Eye On The Paranormal will be added and archived here, I personally could no longer be associated with the content by other authors there, a few of which were so beyond the credulous and very anti-Christian in some content. However, I still support Kirby Robinson and the work he does, and wish him well in his endeavors.

We will be covering topics here much as we do on our web show at BTVN TV. Coming to BTVN TV is the Capernaum Restoration Network (CRN-TV) at which I will be helping to develop, produce and present Christian programming that will educate, inform, edify, and restore within Christians the full teachings and gospels of Jesus Christ.

The Paranormal Christian Show will be one of the first shows to be part of the new CRN-TV.

Our focus here at The Paranormal Christian Blog will be exactly what our description says:

Shining the Light of God's Truth upon the Demonic and Deceptive Doctrines of the New Age and Occult that permeates the Paranormal Realm

We will also be inviting, as well as seeking, Christian contributors to add their insights and thoughts, all of which stands on Biblical scripture and a Biblical Worldview.

If you would like to be one of our Guest Contributors, please contact Pastor Frisbee at

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